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Landlord Servicing and Safety Inspections


From 1996 It has been a legal requirement for landlords to hold a CP12 Certificate for homes supplied with gas & to ensure the gas appliances are maintained to the manufacturers requirements. .The annual gas safety inspection ensures the gas appliances and flues in the landlordís rental property are operating safely and up to current standards. 

Our 9 Point Landlords Standard Boiler Inspection includes:

* Check for satisfactory ventilation

* Check of boiler key components

* Check satisfactory operation of the flame failure device

* Check for presence and effectiveness of case seal

* Check burner pressure or gas rate against manufactures data plate

* Combustion & Performance test

* Test flue flow to ensure removal of products of combustion

* Check boiler operation

* Produce written report (CP12) for Landlord and Tenant 

Please Note: Not all boiler manufacturers allow for Inspections only, they require their boilers to be serviced annually not inspected.

All charges below are a fixed price and inclusive

(Depending on Geographical area & make/model of Boiler).


Landlord's Standard Gas Boiler Inspection & CP12 £75.00
Landlords Standard Boiler Service & Landlord's Gas Certificate (CP12) £85.00
Landlords Standard Boiler Service & Landlord's Gas Certificate (CP12) with a Gas Hob Inspection  £100.00
Landlord's Gas Certificate - CP12 (NO APPLIANCES) £60.00
Gas Meter Inspection & Tightness test (NO APPLIANCES) £15.00



Our engineers only carry out minimal work laid down by that appliance manufacturers instructions on services/inspections and cannot service/inspect faulty appliances. If our engineer finds your appliance is not working on arrival for whatever reason we will still charge the minimum 1 hour rate of £60.00 and on all work thereafter is charged in 15 minute increments all rates exclude the cost of materials/parts.

Our engineer can carry out a fault and diagnostic check to remedy the fault and then service/inspect the appliance if you require, depending on time & availability. So please check your appliance(s) are working before booking a service or inspection call/visit. Faulty appliances will need a breakdown & repair call/visit first BEFORE a service or inspection can be carried out.

NO waiting around the house all day - We can give you a 2 hour time slot and also we can call you 15 minutes to 1 hour before we arrive if required.

NO hard sell. Due to the specialist nature of our business we only carry out remedial & necessary repairs and we will NOT try to sell you a new boiler.

FUSS free. Booking your appointment is one phone call away, or email us via our CONTACT PAGE and we'll get back to you to arrange a suitable appointment ASAP.


All of the above prices are subject to change.




















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